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Chocolates Delivery in Jamaica

A Box Of Love Product ID: 11011 A Box Of Love $ 124.95
Romantic Touch Product ID: 72 Romantic Touch $ 99.95
Two of Hearts Product ID: 258 Two of Hearts $ 224.95
Completely Romantic Collection Product ID: 10996 Completely Romantic Collection $ 274.95
Strength Training Product ID: 12131 Strength Training $ 164.95
Bit of Something Good Product ID: 374 Bit of Something Good $ 99.95
Heart Full of Delicious Product ID: 376 Heart Full of Delicious $ 134.95
Snuggles and Snacks Product ID: 377 Snuggles and Snacks $ 104.95
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
Sparkling Romance Product ID: 379 Sparkling Romance $ 134.95 $ 114.95
Red Wine and Snuggles Product ID: 380 Red Wine and Snuggles $ 104.95
Deluxe Super Snack Pack Product ID: 381 Deluxe Super Snack Pack $ 94.95
Gamers Delight Product ID: 382 Gamers Delight $ 79.95
Tower of Love and Snuggles Product ID: 384 Tower of Love and Snuggles $ 114.95
Red Wine Tower Product ID: 385 Red Wine Tower $ 144.95
Red Wine and Snacks Product ID: 386 Red Wine and Snacks $ 124.95
The Essence of Taste Product ID: 70 The Essence of Taste $ 114.95
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
Wine Workout Product ID: 12134 Wine Workout $ 259.95 $ 239.95
The Bosses Basket Product ID: 12194 The Bosses Basket $ 164.95
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
French Scotch and Cookies Product ID: 12197 French Scotch and Cookies $ 274.95 $ 254.95
Save $ 10.00 (USD) today
Kiddies Delight Product ID: 12201 Kiddies Delight $ 84.95 $ 74.95
Save $ 10.00 (USD) today
Celebration Santa Product ID: 12218 Celebration Santa $ 109.95 $ 99.95
Sweet Surprise Product ID: 12221 Sweet Surprise $ 64.95
Save $ 10.00 (USD) today
Sweet Perfections Product ID: 3550 Sweet Perfections $ 99.95 $ 89.95
A Little Tenderness Set Product ID: 10829 A Little Tenderness Set $ 99.95
Simply Roses and Chocolates Product ID: 10828 Simply Roses and Chocolates $ 89.95
All in Good Cheer Product ID: 10874 All in Good Cheer $ 124.95
A Toast with Truffles Product ID: 41 A Toast with Truffles $ 114.95
Random Romance Product ID: 11016 Random Romance $ 74.95
Shades of Love Product ID: 254 Shades of Love $ 154.95
Classic Love Product ID: 10992 Classic Love $ 164.95
Romantic Accessories Product ID: 11008 Romantic Accessories $ 79.95
Trio Of Love Product ID: 10995 Trio Of Love $ 219.95
Faithful Friends Product ID: 10882 Faithful Friends $ 114.95
Romance and Something Sweet Product ID: 76 Romance and Something Sweet $ 99.95
Who Needs Cupid Product ID: 11009 Who Needs Cupid $ 109.95
Toast to Romance Product ID: 78 Toast to Romance $ 89.95
Cuddles and Chocolate Product ID: 42 Cuddles and Chocolate $ 114.95
Cupids First Pick Product ID: 10993 Cupids First Pick $ 134.95
Pure Delight Product ID: 255 Pure Delight $ 129.95
The Cork Pops Here Product ID: 43 The Cork Pops Here $ 114.95
Red and Black Set Product ID: 11107 Red and Black Set $ 114.95
Wines and Darks Gift Basket Product ID: 11109 Wines and Darks Gift Basket $ 154.95
A Snack for Two Product ID: 11097 A Snack for Two $ 109.95
Light and Dark Set Product ID: 11106 Light and Dark Set $ 109.95
Bubbly with Dark Chocolate Product ID: 11108 Bubbly with Dark Chocolate $ 144.95
Bubbly with Chocolates Product ID: 11110 Bubbly with Chocolates $ 154.95

Is it possible to send Chocolates to a hospital room in Jamaica?

Absolutely. Your Chocolates to your loved one’s hospital in Jamaica can be delivered in just a few business days. When you place your order, simply make sure to include the hospital room number and phone number to the desk where our courier can make arrangements for the delivery. Keep in mind that when we deliver flowers to hospitals in Jamaica, hospital policies often dictate that the package is left at the nurse’s station instead of delivered to the patient directly.

Is it a good idea to send Chocolates as a business gift in Jamaica?

Sending Chocolates to Jamaica is great business etiquette, and can strengthen your personal bond. However there are some small details that you’ll want to keep in mind. Make sure you check with your recipient’s office in Jamaica before sending a Chocolates. They may have different gifting policies like amount limits. They may also not allow certain Chocolates in the office due to allergies. It’s best to call ahead and speak with their office HR to make sure your Chocolates to Jamaica go off without a hitch!

What’s the fastest I can deliver Chocolates to Jamaica?

We can send to most Chocolates to Jamaica in 3 business days or less. Of course you always have the option to schedule your gifts to arrive even later than that. However there may be some delay if you request a customer Chocolates, or if the address in Jamaica is particularly rural. When working with a customer service rep to build a custom Chocolates they will be sure to advice you of delivery estimates. If there is a delay in your gift arriving because of issues out of our control, we will deliver as soon as possible.

Answers by RussianFlora.com