1. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with overall experience purchasing flowers and/or gifts from our website(s) ?
 Response Percent
  Extremely satisfied
  Somewhat satisfied
  Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
  Extremely dissatisfied
Total Respondents: 870 
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2. How likely are you to buy again from our sites in the future?
 Response Percent
  Extremely likely
  Somewhat likely
  Neither likely nor unlikely
  Somewhat unlikely
  Extremely unlikely to buy :
Total Respondents: 870  
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3. Thinking of your recent orders, why did you choose to purchase from RussianFlora.com and its websites?
 Response Percent
 Flower Bouquet selection
 Gift & Gift Basket selection
 Freshness of flowers/plants
 Reasonable prices
 Reliable customer service
 Suggestion of Friend/Relative
 Digital picture/video of delivery service
 Convenience of ordering
 Other (please specify)
Total Respondents: 870  
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4. What single product category would you like to be offered on our website(s) ?
 Response Percent
  More variety of bouquets
  More variety of gift baskets
  Hard-copy of photo of delivery in addition to a digital photo offered
  Fashion Jewelry
  Spa Gift Baskets
  Gift Certificates to stores
  Tickets to a theater or a concert
  Quality Lingerie
  Other Gifts (please specify)
Total Respondents: 870  
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5. We are evaluating our new Virtual Person Video featured on: RussianFlora.com main page with lady welcoming customers to a website.
Flash 8+ is required to view it (video provided by the company Onsite Videos).
Please describe your viewing experience:
 Response Percent
  Video did not play when I visited the RussianFlora.com website
  I liked the video and it helped me to understand RussianFlora.com service offerings
  I did not like the video
  Other comments
Total Respondents: 870  
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6. We would like to award a bonus to RussianFlora.com most popular employee of the year. Who is your favorite RussianFlora.com customer support employee ?
 Response Percent
  I don't know remember anyone personally
  Other person (please specify)
Total Respondents: 863  
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7. In your experience how does RussianFlora.com compare with other flower/gift shop(s) that deliver to Russia, Ukraine, former USSR and Eastern Europe ?
 Response Percent
  I NEVER USED ANY OTHER SERVICE: I am satisfied with RussianFlora.com services
  I NEVER USED ANY OTHER SERVICE: I do not know of any other company that services this area
  I USED OTHER SERVICE(S): But overall I prefer RussianFlora.com
  I USE OTHER SERVICE in some cases, and use RussianFlora.com in some other cases
  I REGULARLY USE OTHER SERVICE and find it superior to RussianFlora.com's service (please tell us the company name):
Total Respondents: 868  
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8. How many times per year do you send flowers and/or gifts to someone in former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe ?
   Response Percent
  2 to 3
  4 to 6
  7 to 10
  11 to 14
  15 or more
  Do not normally send flowers/gifts (zero)
Total Respondents: 839  
Customer Comments:
I have used your service for the past 2 and 1/2 years since I met my wife on line and we are both quite satisfied with your service.
I used 3 services in 2006. I liked you best...
I am most pleased with every order from your company. Many thanks!
Thank you very very much for the service you have provided me. I would like to thank Dasha Fisu especially for the great customer service. She was very helpful when I chatted with her on line when I asked her to help me pick out a boquet to fit the ocasion I needed it for. She was very pleasant to chat with, I felt a connection with her. It was almost as if I was there at the store talking to her in person. Very Very pleased with her expertise and service!!! Thank you.
I was very happy with the service. When the address was not complete, they told me and went back again when it was completed. This is better service than I get in Australia.
The difficulty for people like me (in E.U.) is lack of trust initially but hey - your company did it s job so nothing wrong with! Keep up the good job!
I am very satisfied with your delivery. She received the flower on the day requested.
Feliks and the Group are great! Russian Flora SUPER!!! only one time send flower and gift to Russia, but not the last time...
I am very happy with you service and will continue to use Russian Flora Service.
I really liked the way you work..I send and I will send some roses again...thanks for being there...it is important for my love :)
My wife is now here in the USA for a short while but i would like to send her family flowers and my wife again as a surprise when she goes back to visit
I like your web site, the variety of bouquets, but there are the same types of order choices for many years. I like to chose something different than last year, for instance, B/Day bouquet choices. Thank you for good and reliable service I can always trust!
I send flowers from the US, and so never had a chance to meet any of the staff personally, but they must have a superior understanding of their business. I was very pleased to receive a courtesy phone call one day when I did not complete the order to the last step. The company always suprprised me by how fast they deliver! A few suggestions: 1. keep the actual photographs of some compositions, such as the seasonal flower bouqet, or at least list what flowers are included in it for what season. 2. broaden your selection of single flowers. Thank you for the flower "dictionary", for the discount coupons via e-mail, and overall - for being so great!
It's my pleasure to have business with you.
I would like to say thank you for the best online shopping (pre and post) experience I have EVER had! Fantastic job.... You guys should come to Canada!
I think your service is extremely good, and I dont need any other flower service
Wonderful service! She was impressed, really! Thanks.
Great company....very good service...bottom line.. the people that received gifts from your company were very happy with their delivery.
This is great service for my family in Moscow. Please keep expanding your product line.
The deleivery service has been excellant, very professional. Other services I have used, this was not the case. THank you
Thank you all so much for this wonderful service. I know for sure that I will be ordering from you again and again.
Love the service, it is much better than FTD.
It is so pleasant and easy to use your service. I love the ability to send things to someone within a few days . It is wonderful.
There were a few glitches on the computer when ordering, but thank you for making many selections available.
By far the best service I came across. Your selection of flower, reasonable prices as well customer service that goes extra mile to meet the demands of the clients leave all of your competitors in the dust. Looking forward to having business with you in the future.
Your service is exelent. I ordered flowers just a day before the event and they got it /Exelent!
Your company has been great; major reason has been the variety of things.. some agencies will also deliver flowers, but their choices are limited...
I have have used your service 7-8 times in the past couple of years and I have been very happy with the service I have received. Dasha has helped me with ideas for "something different" and has always been flexible in putting together the "package" that best pleased me! Thanks.
I have only great things to say about your services. Thanks very much!
Good site. Great delivery service. The only site I found that takes AMEX. Convinient.
Your site it is probably the best designed over the internet related to gift deliveries for the former Soviet Union, loads very fast, it has friendly navigation and it is very pleasant to the eye due to the combination of appropiate colors. Excellent work.
I was very impressed with your service. The entire process from order to delivery took about 12 hours. Dasha helped me with a few questions prior to my order and followed through perfectly. Who is that amazing woman in your video? I would love an email from her. Also how can I send her flowers? I just might be willing to deliver them myself. ;)
I would like to see more food items offered and more wine selections.
Absolutely fantastic service and quality.
You have been more than helpful from the time that I made my first inquiry to the delivery and would have no hesitation using your service again and fully intend to do so soon.
I only ordered from you once but was very satisfied with the service and will probably use it again.
I used paypal service to place my order and was disconected from the order process immediately afterward. I think it would be handy and appropriate to be able to confirm ones order after using this payment option. Otherwise I was very pleased with the entire process!
Your service was great.I liked Andrew and all the girls that helped.You called my girl and the pictures were great,I was very very impressed with the service.She was not home when you delivered but you came back later when she said that she would be home,thanks again so much. I will always use your service.The flowers were fresh and beautiful. Sincerely, Doug
Your service was just what I needed. My gifts arrived there at the time specified and the receiptant told me she was very pleased with them. I will remember your site for future purchases and I will recommend it to all my friends.
Overall I am very satisfied and happy with the services....But I will prefer to see some more options about other stuff like jewellery, lover gifts, small electronic stuff, ladies purse....etc...
Great customer service overall except a minor miscommunication between main office and local florist at the time of my last order
I like ur servise a lot and would love to use it in the future thanks in advance !!!
Compliment for your service, you are the best, and i'd like to send flowers with you again and again till the eyes of my girl will be happy to see your flowers like the first day. Thanks
Congratulations to russianflora.com!! You're doing a great job!!!, Keep it like that