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Perfumes & Spa Delivery in Lithuania

Spa Day! Gift Basket Product ID: 3457 Spa Day! Gift Basket $ 159.95
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Bouncing Baby Basket Product ID: 12095 Bouncing Baby Basket $ 209.95 $ 199.95
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Babys First Gift Basket Product ID: 12097 Babys First Gift Basket $ 209.95 $ 189.95
Let Me Love You Product ID: 671 Let Me Love You $ 154.95
Birthday to Cherish with Nina Leau Product ID: 1967 Birthday to Cherish with Nina Leau $ 259.95
Letter in a bottle Product ID: 426 Letter in a bottle $ 49.95
Her Pick Cosmetics Certificate Set Product ID: 1901 Her Pick Cosmetics Certificate Set $ 149.95
Weekend Getaway Product ID: 686 Weekend Getaway $ 104.95
Chanel Chance Product ID: 1961 Chanel Chance $ 234.95
Nina Ricci Nina Leau Product ID: 1952 Nina Ricci Nina Leau $ 149.95
Flowery Spa Product ID: 3463 Flowery Spa $ 159.95
Spa Perfection Product ID: 1970 Spa Perfection $ 209.95
Cacharel Noa Product ID: 1954 Cacharel Noa $ 134.95
Gucci Premiere Product ID: 1951 Gucci Premiere $ 159.95
A Drink for Him Product ID: 685 A Drink for Him $ 199.95
Versense by Versace Product ID: 1945 Versense by Versace $ 149.95
D&G 3 LIMPERATRICE Product ID: 1941 D&G 3 LIMPERATRICE $ 149.95
Dolce & Gabbana The One Product ID: 1960 Dolce & Gabbana The One $ 159.95
Gucci Eau De Toilette Product ID: 165 Gucci Eau De Toilette $ 159.95
Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana Product ID: 1938 Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana $ 189.95
La Petite Robe Noir GUERLAIN Product ID: 1947 La Petite Robe Noir GUERLAIN $ 144.95
Little Prince Product ID: 684 Little Prince $ 174.95
Gucci Flora Gucci Product ID: 1953 Gucci Flora Gucci $ 164.95
Eclat dArpege Lanvin Product ID: 1939 Eclat dArpege Lanvin $ 149.95
Daydream Product ID: 670 Daydream $ 214.95
212 Carolina Herrera Product ID: 1950 212 Carolina Herrera $ 129.95
Flower Kisses with Nina Leau Product ID: 1966 Flower Kisses with Nina Leau $ 249.95
Affectionate Embrace Product ID: 681 Affectionate Embrace $ 154.95
Pamper Them Product ID: 682 Pamper Them $ 154.95
Little Princess Product ID: 683 Little Princess $ 174.95
Dior Addict Product ID: 1942 Dior Addict $ 189.95
Bvlgari Omnia Coral Product ID: 1955 Bvlgari Omnia Coral $ 159.95
Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette Product ID: 164 Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette $ 144.95
DKNY Be Delicious Product ID: 1946 DKNY Be Delicious $ 159.95
Burberry Body Product ID: 1958 Burberry Body $ 229.95
Platinum Egoiste for Him Product ID: 160 Platinum Egoiste for Him $ 159.95
Hugo Boss Eau De Toilette Product ID: 162 Hugo Boss Eau De Toilette $ 154.95
Soothing Love Product ID: 691 Soothing Love $ 159.95
Lacoste Pour Femme Product ID: 1940 Lacoste Pour Femme $ 149.95
Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune Product ID: 1943 Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune $ 164.95

Can I deliver Perfumes & Spa to a hospital in Lithuania?

Absolutely. Your Perfumes & Spa to your loved one’s hospital in Lithuania can be delivered in just a few business days. When you place your order, simply make sure to include the hospital room number and phone number to the desk where our courier can make arrangements for the delivery. Keep in mind that when we deliver flowers to hospitals in Lithuania, hospital policies often dictate that the package is left at the nurse’s station instead of delivered to the patient directly.

Is it a good idea to send Perfumes & Spa as a business gift in Lithuania?

No need to worry about sending Perfumes & Spa to Lithuania. Like with most gifts your biggest concern is making it personal to them. Perfumes & Spa are welcome everywhere, and come in such wide verities and combinations we are sure to have just the one to impress your friend, loved one, or business partner. However if you are looking for the kind of Perfumes & Spa that only you could send to Lithuania we have plenty of ways for your to customize your gift, just reach out to our customer service team!

How soon can I send Perfumes & Spa to Lithuania?

The fastest we can typically deliver Perfumes & Spa to Lithuania is 3 business days. However in some extreme cases, and for an extra fee, we can do delivery in as little as 1 business day, though this is not always possible. Because all of our Perfumes & Spa are hand prepared in regional offices local to Lithuania we require time to put your gift together, and ensure safe delivery of an excellent product.

Answers by RussianFlora.com