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Bouquets Delivery in Russia

Shades of Love Product ID: 254 Shades of Love $ 99.95
Pandora Feather Earrings Gift Set Product ID: 291 Pandora Feather Earrings Gift Set $ 244.95
Spring Sparks Product ID: 8062 Spring Sparks $ 79.95
Traditional Love Product ID: 247 Traditional Love $ 104.95
Ice and Fire Product ID: 3166 Ice and Fire $ 89.95
Where Love Grows Product ID: 5068 Where Love Grows $ 79.95
Life in Bloom Bouquet Product ID: 10857 Life in Bloom Bouquet $ 94.95
Roses and Lilies Product ID: 184 Roses and Lilies $ 104.95
Poem of Peace Bouquet Product ID: 10859 Poem of Peace Bouquet $ 134.95
Tender is the Night Floral Display Product ID: 4186 Tender is the Night Floral Display $ 104.95
Country Scents Product ID: 132 Country Scents $ 79.95
Azure Skies Bouquet Product ID: 5072 Azure Skies Bouquet $ 79.95
Soft and Tender Product ID: 3127 Soft and Tender $ 79.95
Lavish Product ID: 9025 Lavish $ 104.95
Soft as Snow Product ID: 259 Soft as Snow $ 79.95
Floral Fiesta Bouquet Product ID: 4131 Floral Fiesta Bouquet $ 104.95
Ardent Love Product ID: 3254 Ardent Love $ 79.95
For my Honey Product ID: 3251 For my Honey $ 79.95
A touch of Fire Product ID: 249 A touch of Fire $ 89.95
Avowal Product ID: 9045 Avowal $ 89.95
Pure Love Lily Bouquet Product ID: 3145 Pure Love Lily Bouquet $ 79.95
Asian Vertigo Product ID: 3161 Asian Vertigo $ 104.95
Snowfall Product ID: 3193 Snowfall $ 104.95
Dragons Treasure Product ID: 233 Dragons Treasure $ 89.95
Make Amends Product ID: 232 Make Amends $ 79.95
Gladly Gerberas Bouquet Product ID: 10858 Gladly Gerberas Bouquet $ 99.95
Lilies in Red Bouquet Product ID: 10863 Lilies in Red Bouquet $ 104.95
Happiness Overflowing Display Product ID: 4159 Happiness Overflowing Display $ 79.95
Lots of Love Bouquet Product ID: 4175 Lots of Love Bouquet $ 104.95
Pale Perfection Product ID: 250 Pale Perfection $ 74.95
Tender Love Bouquet Product ID: 3141 Tender Love Bouquet $ 79.95
Magnificent Gift Set Product ID: 3465 Magnificent Gift Set $ 214.95
Regal Beauty Product ID: 3537 Regal Beauty $ 104.95
Balance in Blue Bouquet Product ID: 10856 Balance in Blue Bouquet $ 174.95
Peaches and Cream Bouquet Product ID: 4137 Peaches and Cream Bouquet $ 104.95
Spring Sparks with Chocolates Product ID: 484 Spring Sparks with Chocolates $ 104.95
Tender Love in White Product ID: 485 Tender Love in White $ 124.95
Bright Beauty Product ID: 3253 Bright Beauty $ 79.95
Lady Love Bouquet Product ID: 4164 Lady Love Bouquet $ 104.95
Admiring You Product ID: 3250 Admiring You $ 104.95
Bright Holiday Bouquet Product ID: 9038 Bright Holiday Bouquet $ 104.95
Glorious Globe Bouquet Product ID: 4187 Glorious Globe Bouquet $ 104.95
Collage Product ID: 9024 Collage $ 79.95
Heart Harvest Bouquet Product ID: 4127 Heart Harvest Bouquet $ 104.95
Heart Full of Happiness Bouquet Product ID: 4166 Heart Full of Happiness Bouquet $ 139.95
Colors of the Season Product ID: 9039 Colors of the Season $ 104.95
Holiday Colors Product ID: 3196 Holiday Colors $ 104.95
Warm Feelings Product ID: 9032 Warm Feelings $ 79.95
The SmartGift Product ID: 198 The SmartGift $ 529.95
Sweet Nothings Bouquet Product ID: 5061 Sweet Nothings Bouquet $ 104.95

Can I deliver Bouquets to a hospital in Russia?

We can deliver your Bouquets to a hospital room in Russia, we just need some information first. While you’re checking out, make sure to add your loved one’s hospital room number. We will also need the phone number to the hospital where the recipient is staying. Most often, our couriers will have to deliver your Bouquets to the front desk or nurse’s station at the hospital.

Is it a good idea to send Bouquets as a business gift in Russia?

No need to worry about sending Bouquets to Russia. Like with most gifts your biggest concern is making it personal to them. Bouquets are welcome everywhere, and come in such wide verities and combinations we are sure to have just the one to impress your friend, loved one, or business partner. However if you are looking for the kind of Bouquets that only you could send to Russia we have plenty of ways for your to customize your gift, just reach out to our customer service team!

How soon can I send Bouquets to Russia?

The fastest we can typically deliver Bouquets to Russia is 3 business days. However in some extreme cases, and for an extra fee, we can do delivery in as little as 1 business day, though this is not always possible. Because all of our Bouquets are hand prepared in regional offices local to Russia we require time to put your gift together, and ensure safe delivery of an excellent product.

Answers by RussianFlora.com