Anti Scam Resources

This page is dedicated to prevention of Scam incidents, which are very common in Russia and Eastern European countries.

Who can help me to check the address? сan help you to check the validity of the address and whether person lives at the specified address for the small fee of 40 USD. To take advantage of this service, simply place the order for $40 or more and we will attempt the delivery to a recipient on your behalf.

You can try to search Internet resources like White Pages, however they do not always provide the needed information. Majority of such resources is usually available for the larger cities, like Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Unfortuately, many smaller cities and towns are not likely to have up-to-date white pages listngs.

How to spot a scammer?

We have an experience delivering flowers to former Soviet Union and want to protect our customers from spending hundreds of dollars on relationships with the scammer. Based on our customers' feedback, we have summarized the most common behavior and appearance patterns that may help you to spot the scammer.

Here is the list of warning signs that scammers may give:


Behavior Patterns :

Money Related :

Who to contact?

Send the letter to:
Fraud Prevention
13022 Hollenberg Drive
MO 63044
United States of America

Remember: Western Union will not refund your payment. They will keep the name of the scammer for their records.