Affiliate Program Rules

Dear Web Master,

RussianFlora, of Good Choice, LLC welcomes you to our Partners Program.
If you have a website you can start selling flowers, gift baskets, chocolates and other products
while earning a commission on every sale! Affiliates from any country around the world are
welcome. Successfull affiliates are earning hundreds of dollars in commissions monthly !

To Create Account simply click HERE .

We offer unique services like Custom Gifts, Flowers and Gifts Delivery, Digital Photo & Video, email confirmation of delivery, English / Russian translation and many other services. Most services are available in Russia, Ukraine, and countries of the former Soviet Union. Some selected services are available worldwide.

We have one of the largest delivery networks in Former Soviet Union. We will handle customer
service and order processing; your task is to use your marketing skills to get more
customers. We provide all necessary tools. Our affiliate interface will have you to
maximize your ad campaign revenue.

How do I get paid ?

We will pay you 10% commissions of all sales, following from your web sites. You can chose payment schema for every campaign
you set up. Average customer usage is in the range of 50-100$ per month.

We pay on monthly basis upon accumulation of $50, by check or
international money order. Minimum payment is $50. Money on your account also can be spend for
services of .

You can set up multiple campaigns. There are three types of campaign:

Banner code - put a special HTML CODE on your pages that will show our
banners form the ad server.
Text Link - link promotional texts, or your own banners to our site, so you
will not depend on our ad server.

Register now to start.

How it works?

To become a RussianFlora Associate, you fill a short registration form. It is FREE and it
takes only about 1 minute to complete. You choose your USER_ID and password and we open
an account for you. Your account is active immediately. You will get access to the
affiliate interface, and be able to manage your add campaigns and access your stats.
Note, We may terminate your account at any time if we determine (in our sole discretion)
that your site is unsuitable for the Program. You will have an on-line access to your
account information and statistic.

Few simple rules which must be followed by every Affiliate in our organization

  • No spam
  • No racism
  • No hate or war

How to start?

All you need is to create an account with us. It's absolutely FREE !


If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us

We are looking forward to a partnership with you !