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Please note that we are a US-based company and we openly condemn the Russian military action in Ukraine. Several of our team members are based in both Ukraine and Russia and we are doing everything in our power to support them in these times of crisis. Our company joined humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and donated a percentage of our sales to the cause by helping people in Ukraine directly with financial assistance for food, water, and medical supplies via our local food suppliers and couriers.
Learn more about our efforts in Ukraine.

Our service in Russia is fully operational, and we are able to accept US-issued and all International Credit/Debit cards as well as PayPal and other payment methods.


Gift-a-Cash Roses Bouquet Roses Product ID: 107801 Gift-a-Cash Roses Bouquet $ 109.95
Your Own Bouquet Builder Bouquets Product ID: 100009 Your Own Bouquet Builder Set Your Budget
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
Heart Shaped Rose Bouquet Bouquets Product ID: 3572 Heart Shaped Rose Bouquet $ 219.95 $ 199.95
Chocolate Cake Cakes Product ID: 408 Chocolate Cake $ 69.95
Save $ 10.00 (USD) today
Sweet Perfections Easter Product ID: 3550 Sweet Perfections $ 109.95 $ 99.95
Sunshine Bright Bouquets Product ID: 3583 Sunshine Bright $ 99.95
Cubic Zirconia Hoops Jewelry Product ID: 417 Cubic Zirconia Hoops $ 74.95
Purple Meadow Bouquets Product ID: 3568 Purple Meadow $ 84.95
Picked Them For You Bouquets Product ID: 3569 Picked Them For You $ 64.95
Pretty And Pink Bouquets Product ID: 3571 Pretty And Pink $ 134.95
Rose Selection Roses Product ID: 190 Rose Selection Set Your Budget
Medium Roses Selection Roses Product ID: 192 Medium Roses Selection Set Your Budget
Pink Orchid Plants Product ID: 220 Pink Orchid $ 109.95
Spot of Tea Sweet Baskets Product ID: 3555 Spot of Tea $ 124.95
Romantic Roses Bouquets Product ID: 9080 Romantic Roses $ 109.95
Fruity Surprise Fruit Baskets Product ID: 148 Fruity Surprise $ 109.95
Opulence Anytime Bouquets Product ID: 113 Opulence Anytime $ 69.95
Azalea in a Planter Plants Product ID: 3002 Azalea in a Planter $ 64.95
Simple and Elegant Fruit Baskets Product ID: 10012 Simple and Elegant $ 114.95
Cake # 7 Cakes Product ID: 406 Cake # 7 $ 69.95
Gift Certificate Gift Certificates Product ID: 77703 Gift Certificate Set Your Budget
Rich and Delicious Wine & Champagne Product ID: 21000058 Rich and Delicious $ 119.95
Save $ 20.00 (USD) today
Wine Workout Wine & Champagne Product ID: 12134 Wine Workout $ 259.95 $ 239.95
A Golden Pair Jewelry Product ID: 1081 A Golden Pair $ 604.95

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